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Tell us about your experience in Haiti I was selected amongst my peers while in Graduate School to help pave the way for a Global Health Initiative.  The concept had been to create an interdisciplinary learning and treating opportunity for Physical & Occupational therapy students to attend annually during spring break.  After 2 successful trips…Read More »


LIVE EVERY DAY was selected to serve as Westminster High School’s  Physical Therapy provider.

July 12, 2017

Interview with Matt Calendrillo

How do you stay motivated and creative? It’s a tad cliché to say, “life’s short” – but it is! To no surprise, we named our practice LIVE EVERY DAY for that exact reason. Our work reminds me every day that we must stride to be better individuals, help and love those around us and expand…Read More »

July 11, 2017


LIVE EVERY DAY has teamed with The Gengras Center School (GCS) on the campus of The University of St. Joseph.

Interview with Anthony Calendrillo

What do see as opportunities in the future of healthcare? Patient care!  The “Good” practitioners out there are finding it harder andharder to deliver quality care in an environment of cost control andincreased productivity.  The real opportunity is to develop ways to increasethe quality of the care provided while remaining a thriving entity.  Thereare lots…Read More »

July 10, 2017